misono, former vocalist of J-pop trio, day after tomorrow, and sister to R&B ‘hot stuff’ Koda Kumi, is one tough cookie in this fun, odd and entertaining song produced by a member of GO!GO!7188. And in the case of the music video, there’s now ten tough cookies we’re dealing with here…

But first, let’s talk about the song.

十人十色 (Juunin Toiro)”, which is translated to ‘Ten Colors’ or weirdly ‘Different Strokes for Different Folks’ (as mentioned in generasia), is a rock number produced by GO!GO!7188 member, Nakashima Yumi, as part of misono’s ‘Rock Singles Project’.

I have to say that this is one of my favorite singles (the first being “挫折地点 (Zasetsu Chiten)”, which I will get to some time soon) under the project, but this is not the case for many people.

The sound of the song is great. It’s got this heavy rock vibe that I expect from misono (even though she has now strayed and has become a flop of all sorts). It is a relatively simple beat featuring drums that carry on until it bangs into the chorus and electric guitars that introduce themselves slowly before going into full speed with the drums. While there really is no creative feeling here, it’s simplicity and catchiness as a rock song make up for it.

The problem with the song itself is misono’s vocals.

God. What’s going on?

To be pretty blunt, misono is straining a lot of those high notes. She’s also somehow vocalizing like a mess and weirdly missing the beat. It is actually almost like she’s purposely doing this. Many people disagree, but this is where I sort of draw out this conclusion for myself: she is doing this on purpose. And for good reason: have you seen the lyrics?

While I have yet to find myself legit translations of the song (I have looked everywhere from LiveJournal blogs to the dark corners of pretend lyric sites), I have used my (basic) knowledge of the Japanese language to piece some lines. She asks questions about weight to adultery to a lot of other stuff. This song is lyrically just as hot a mess as misono’s all-over-the-place vocals. If you find the actual lyrics to the song, there are symbols in the lyrics, too. It’s a mess. Yet, I find myself wondering if misono is actually taking herself seriously in this song. Let’s be real here: misono is just having good ol’ fun.

That’s really why I like this song a lot. It’s not at all serious, and it just seems like misono wants to let us know that. I’m actually pleased she even bothered trying to put some oddity into her vocals to match the oddity of the lyrics. Good on you, misono.

To promote the song further, there is a promotional video. I actually love this video, solely for the reason that misono is separated into ten different scenarios in ten different colors to match the title of the song (honestly, the ‘Ten Colors’ translation makes way much more sense). In each scenario is something bad that happens to misono: one misono is in a catfight, the other is caught in bed cheating, another is splashed in the face with water, while one is simply just giving us the finger (well, ok, that one probably wasn’t so bad). It was a purely entertaining watch, despite that there really was no story evident.

Let’s not mention the fact that each misono looks like a concept Koda Kumi has delved into (like, really, that one in the large blue hat… you cannot tell me that it doesn’t look like her sister).

Rating: 7/10
Comment: This is my third-favorite single of the project, as it is a hot mess and doesn’t have as big a catch as the other favorites of mine. That being said, it’s still a great single. It doesn’t have the potential to be big, but it remains a guilty pleasure. The PV is always one I feel nostalgic watching (remember, this was released 8 years ago… EIGHT), and it’s always still entertaining seeing misono in Koda Kumi costumes. I recommend if you enjoy some of misono’s songs, but avoid this if you cannot handle wobbly and strained vocals.

* There is literally no YouTube video for this song or the video… but visit this link! JPOPSUKI TV has a lot of videos available, and this happens to be one of them. Awesome.


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